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Conmigo Comes to You Program 

Conmigo is now available at local preschools. Classes are once a week and can be customized to fit each school's schedule. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about bringing the Conmigo Comes to You program to your school. This program is geared for children 18 months - age 5.

We currently serve the following preschools. Please feel free to contact them for a reference. 

Zion Lutheran Preschool

"Zion Lutheran Preschool has searched for many years to find the best match for teaching Spanish to young children. We wanted the children to experience the language through conversation, hands-on interaction, and movement activities in an environment that was engaging and fun while structured and organized. We needed teachers who understood how to relate to preschoolers. We found this with Conmigo. Thank you!" Jennifer Garcia, Director Zion Lutheran
"I am pleased to have the Conmigo program come into our school.  Miss Ines connects with our children and instills a love of learning Spanish in a fun and creative way.  It is a great way to start our week."  Kelly Rosin, Director Heights Preschool